Before signing an agreement with a vendor or moving forward with an M&A, decisionmakers must have a clear, actionable understanding of the data security risk that relationship will present to their organization. Unfortunately—and increasingly—decisionmakers enter into business relationships with only an incomplete understanding of the data security risk they face.

To be competitive is to be agile and able to make decisions quickly. Competitive pressures strain the ability of an organization to conduct thorough security reviews of vendors and targets. The legacy review process can be effective, but is cumbersome, moving at the speed of long questionnaires. The result of this tension is that decisionmakers (perhaps unknowingly) receive risk assessments based on incomplete information. In other cases, pressure to move forward means contracts are signed before reviews are completed and fully assessed, with only a risk approximation.

On the other side of the deal, these same pressures can lead a vendor or target to submit questionnaires completed by marketing professionals or other non-security personnel. Poor and incomplete information will result in a poor and incomplete risk assessment.

The need for faster vendor security reviews has prompted some companies to use abbreviated questionnaires or other means to conduct shorter reviews. It's also given rise to third-party providers that use tools and analytics to offer immediate, outside-in assessments of vendor security postures. Both the streamlined approach and the automated approach are fast and allow the due diligence boxes to be checked, but they both leave risk unexposed.

Forming a business-to-business relationship without a complete and accurate understanding of a vendor’s or target’s risk posture can potentially negate any value that relationship promised. There is zero value in settling for incomplete knowledge.

Organizations are resigned to the choice between speed and good information.

It no longer has to be that way.

Cybersecurity and third-party information security risk professionals Paul Valente and Russell Sherman founded VISO Trust because they saw the need for a rationalized approach to vendor security due diligence, an approach synced with the speed of business that delivers the depth and accuracy necessary to make good decisions. There is no other vendor security risk assessment platform or methodology available that is both fast and comprehensive.

Imagine your next vendor review, is already done.

Nobody disputes the criticality of accurate vendor risk assessments. Nearly everyone agrees that producing accurate assessments requires gathering and vetting comprehensive information. The fact is, this takes time, even when a vendor is motivated to deliver.

VISO Trust has done the work—before you knew it needed to be done. The vendor risk assessment you need is ready when you are. Ours is the first vendor risk assessment solution that increases risk knowledge while eliminating distracting and costly due diligence efforts.

The VISO Trust solution is a hub of current, verified vendor information security postures that are ready for review and delivery to decisionmakers.

Rather than expending valuable resources to obtain from several vendors, on varying timelines, the information your company needs to make an assured risk decision (or to mitigate revealed risks before moving forward), your company could instead connect with vendors through VISO Trust—today—and access current, vetted, comprehensive security postures.

Actionable assessments, automated.

We automate communication. Our interface makes it easy to connect with multiple potential vendors and request their security postures at one time.

We automate due diligence. Our interface allows you to access not only the information and artifacts that comprise a vendor’s security posture, but the metrics surrounding that data, including reporting dates and proprietary VISO Trust Scoring.

We automate relationship risk reporting. As contracted engagements mature, the risk environment is subject to change. Our interface prompts vendors to update perishable security posture information and allows partners to retrieve status reports or schedule alerts.

We automate risk assessment. By understanding the contract-specific data and business needs, our team of information security risk professionals highlights possible risk areas in selected vendor security postures.

We automate risk dashboards. These provide at-a-glance insight into your program.

We automate vendor feedback. Our approach improves security postures by incentivizing good security practices.

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Do you seek a competitive advantage from a rationalized approach to vendor security due diligence? VISO Trust welcomes inquiries from companies that want to learn more and receive a demo. VISO Trust is eager to talk to vendors who want a platform where their entire security posture, including artifacts, can be stored, maintained, disseminated to potential partners, and measured against evolving industry best practices.

Investor inquiries are welcome.

Our mission

We conceived VISO Trust to eliminate the shortcomings endemic in today's siloed risk assessment environment. We believe that in the Information Age, there should be no time or resource barriers to inhibit the flow of reliable, comprehensive, actionable vendor security information to decisionmakers who need to make informed risk assessments.